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Holy Loch,Scotland


Holy Loch, Scotland
Site One
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Aerial View In The Past Holy Loch Today

The Holy Loch is located on the central western coast of Scotland. The body of water was so named because sometime in the Middle Ages, a merchantman carrying a cargo of sand from the Holy Land sank in its cold, dark waters. According to local legend, the sand was to have been used for the construction of a local church. The Loch is surrounded on three sides by high hills providing a safe anchorage from the rough weather that is so prevalent in this area. The tender and submarines were moored in the center of the Loch for a very good reason, Security. By not mooring the ships to a pier, it made it far more difficult for terrorists or enemy agents to attack.

The base is so far north that it is light 18-hrs a day during the summer but only 6-hrs in the winter. It is so light during the summer that it is possible to read a newspaper outside at 2 am. On many days, instead of true daylight, it is kind of a gray, murky, light. The cold, damp climate necessitates the wearing of winter clothes almost year-round. The weather is much better than expected due to the influences of the Gulf Stream. Scotland is on the same latitude as Hudson Bay, Canada. As bad as Scottish weather is, it is far more hospitable than Northern Canada.

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Holy Loch
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Wally Peterson Photo Contribution's of Scotland :
   IC3 Tim Evans 1976-1978
1978 Site One Birthday Ball , 1977 Site One Birthday Ball  ,
Lord Mountbatten's Holy Loch & USS Holland Visit  ,  Iona, Scotland 
Highland Games , Firth of Clyde
Steve Morris Loch Pictures
Battenburg Cup Award
CMC Clyde Riggs Photo Album
Ken Noll Photo Album
TMSA Peter Barnes, USS Holland AS-32 1978-1980
Submariner's view of Holy Loch
Sharon Hahn's Site One Reunion May 6-10,2009 Photo Album
Ken Noll's Site One Reunion May 6-10,2009 Photo Album
Sam Morris Photo's
Charlie "Boats" Cooper
Chief Varga

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