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United States Marines Detachment - USS Holland AS-32 1991
We would be totally remiss if we did not recognize the contributions the United Sates Marine Corps Detachment made to Holland's security and success and encourage all Marines who served aboard the USS Holland to consider this site as your own--
U.S.S. Holland AS-32 Marine Detachment Photo Page Area

United States Marine Corp Celebrates

 it's Birthday onboard the USS Holland AS-32 at the after-mess decks while stationed in Rota, Spain 1965.

photo provided by

Peter Boeger

More photos contributed by Peter Boeger in the Photo/Reunion Area/Rota ,Spain 1964-1966
Former U.S.Marine Crewmember trying to locate / connect with others
This Marine is Time Frame Lookin For / Comments E-mail
John Harold Moody 1963-1965 Was in the first Marine Detachment aboard the Holland.  I was orderly to Capt.
C.W. Styer and a member of the security detail.  Would like to hear from other
Marines and friends aboard ship while I was.
Gary Baker 1973-1975 I loved that ship,my tour of duty as weapons guard. I"ll miss her Click
Rodney Frank Martinez 1989-1991 I would love to hear from anyone and everyone that remembers me. I went by "Lil Marty" or "Marty". Click
Brad Walters 1989-1991 Just looking to get in touch with Navy/Marine Personnal that I served with during my time onboard. Or any crew members from my area, which is, Bellingham WA Click
Joseph Fietek 1988-1989   Click
Mike Lange 1988-1992   Click
Haskel (Lee) Crabtree 1986-1988   Click
Tom Grose 1989-1991 Friends of that time click
Rober Kennedy 1977-1979 If any Marines would like to get a hold of me click
Steve Ary 1982-1986 Drop Me a Line. click
Hurricane Hugo - Charleston SC September 1989
I was a Marine serving on the USS Holland at that time and was out at sea just off the shore when Hugo passed by. We had to wait a week off shore before we could travel back up the Cooper River to our port. It was the longest week after the longest day of my life. There were so many Marines and Sailors wondering about family and friends on the mainland with no communications to speak of.
We always stood on the deck of the ship when going to and from port, and coming back up the river and seeing all the destruction was just awful.I was one among so many volunteers that went out and help to pass out food and water to the people who lost so much. I was glad I did it, and will it be a proud and memorable part of my life.

Brad Walters,
Semper Fi.
He was born in Indiana and is a graduate of Long Beach State University. He was commissioned in 1983 as an infantry officer. Prior to his commissioning he completed a 4 year tour in the enlisted ranks, attaining the rank of Sergeant.  As a Marine Corporal, he won the Navy European Middleweight Boxing Championship while stationed in Holy Loch, Scotland aboard the submarine tender, “USS Holland AS-32”.                                        
LtCol Siebenthal      
United States Marine Corp Silent Drill Team