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Honoring Those Who Served on Board the
USS Holland AS-32
Who have sailed on to Eternal Peace.

Latest news of  fellow Crewmember :
that has passed on

YN3 Patrick Sweeney
Our Fallen Shipmates :

Remember them but weep not. For they have looked into the smiling
eyes of the Lord as He called their name and said :
"With you I will seek other seas".

Last Name : First Name : Passed On : City State From To Rank /Rate
Abenir Arturo       1969 1972 Squadron CPO
Alba Jovan 12/10/1982 Albuquerque NM 1975 1977  
Amatucci Robert "Bob" 01/15/2014 National Cementery Bushnell FL 1963 1966 MM2
Beers Greg J 9-22-89  Davison MI 1984 1984 PFC / MARDET
Bolinger Robert 12/23/2006     1965 1967 TM1
Brook Dwight       1964 1966 ENFA
Brown James J. 08/05/2005 Villages FL 1963 1965  
Buckner (Wherry) Christine E. 09/13/2013 West Vally City UT 1992 1995 ET3
Cheaver William 2004 Grand Bay AL     MR2
Clark Mark 2/8/2004 Ft. Worth TX 1974 1976 SKSN
Conoley ** Rolan 12/01/2008 Kevil KY 1970 1974 ENCS
Curb Douglas Wayne 02/26/95 Green Pond AL 1963 1966  
Danaher ** Alan 01/26/2011 Brunswick MD 1984 1987 LT - Engineering
David Jose 06/2003 Pearl City HI     ENC
Emory Charles 3/21/2004 Sebastian FL     LT
Eppler Richard M June 2007 Conyers GA 1963 1971  
Golightly Richard Graham 12/31/1970 Toledo OH 1970 1970 ET3
Gotthart Charles D 01/24/2002 Buffalo NY 1973 1977 ENFN
Howell ** Charles       1963 1965 Chief
Hunter William T 11/02/2010 St.Mary's GA 1976 1978 CWO2-Weapons
Hurt J.S  Feb-77 Annapolis MD 1976 1977 Captain/Command
Hipple Tim 1977     1976 1977  
Iverson Archie   Bothell WA      
Jones Robert            
Jones William 5/4/2000         MM1
Johnson J.C.           BT3
Kapanos Larry   Mora MN 1975 1977 BM3
Keith Glenn 01/2005          
Kimzey Ord 1964/65     1963   XO / Command
Kuhn Richard 10/25/1992     1963   RM1
Lacoy Marvin "Pappy" 04/10/78     1976 1978  
Lamb Gorley 10/25/1992         RM1
Lindsey Eugene 01/16/1999 Arlington National Cemetery VA 1975 1977 XO - CDR
Mason Margaret Ann 11/22/2010 Georgia National Cemetery, Canton GA      
McRae  Kenneth Brian 2003     1992   MM1
Minardi Stephen 09/20/1976     02/1976 09/1976 SHSN
Moore Truman "Blaine" 12/04/1992 St.Petersburg FL 1991 1992 EN3(DV)
O'dell Leon 03/06/1994     1982 1985  
Phifer Donald 6/19/2005 Sparta TN 1963 1965 MR1
Price Steven 04/2006         CWO
Quinn III Joseph L. 07/18/2002 Greenville S.C 1963 1965 ETR3
Reed James 05/06/2009 Robinson TX 1976 1978 EM3
Reid Chad 2005 Oak Grove MS 1992 1994 ET3
Scott Dan 2005* Corpus Christi TX 1975 1979 LT*
Silliman Michael Nov-98 Stow OH 1969 1971 BM2
Splinter Rex 03/01/1983 Freeport Il     EN3
Stapelton Scott Dale 10/27/2010 Claypool IN      
Start Richard D. 2001 Minneapolis MN 1976 1979  
Storm Robert 02/01/2004 Brunswick GA 1970 1974 ETC
Styler Jr Charles W 06/12/2012 Fleet Landing FL 1963 1964 Command/Captain
Sylvestine Curry 11/28/2007 Elton LA 1965 1969 DC2
Sweeney Patrick 01/20/2010 Winchendon MA 1969 1972 YN3
Swilling Willaim 09/27/1997         TM3
Villanueva Angelito R. 05/04/2005 Hayward CA 1968 1970 MS3
Zook Dwight            
Wellendorf William  "Bill" 06/17/2007 Prescott AZ     SK2
Will Derek 04/05/2011 Ranson WV 1994 1996 PN3
Willis James       1963 1966  
White George L. 1963     1963 1964 IC2
Wooten Selena 11/15/1984     1983 1984 TM3
**Note : Highlighted Names have a link to their Obituaries

A bugle call that beckons us to remember our shipmates who served our country with honor and valor
It is the most familiar of calls and one that reaches our deepest emotions.
If you know of a fellow shipmate of the USS Holland AS-32Who has gone to the eternal life.Please e-mail me with the following information:
Name, Rank, Department, Division,
Year onboard the Ship,
Date of passing on to eternal life,
City, State were He or She was laid to Rest
to :

Washington, D. C.


The  Navy Memorial Foundation has built a memorial to all of those who served in the Navy through all the various wars and actions in which the Navy and Marine Corps took part.  This memorial features the statue of the "Lone Sailor" on a large entry plaza on Constitution Avenue.  

The Arleigh and Roberta Burke Theater in the Naval Heritage Center shows a wide screen-motion picture spectacular, "At Sea".  The theater itself is a memorial to those individuals, units, squadrons, and ships whose names are commemorated through sponsorships of individual seats.  The members of the USS Holland Association will be appling for sponsorship of  one of the seats and a brass plaque will be mounted on the chair honoring our ship. In addition many of our members are now enrolled in the     U. S. Navy Memorial